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Our Mission

The mission of the Empower Dance Foundation is to provide access to professional dance classes for all children and youth ages 2-18. Empower seeks to eliminate the barriers of economic inequality, racism and representation for young people. 

The Foundation believes that children who receive this training have increased self-confidence and perseverance, become self-motivated, more physically fit and have an enhanced ability to become successful adults. When you support us, you became part of a larger movement that is cultivating a creative environment for young dancers to experience the beauty, power, and opportunities dance has to offer without causing a financial burden. 

History of the Foundation

In June 2017, the Empower Dance Foundation was founded as a 501c3 non-profit organization.  Since the birth of the Foundation in 2017 over $250,000 has been raised for the tuition of dancers in need; youth who now have a chance to participate in all classes, performances, and recitals.  

As a recognized and trusted community organization, the Empower Dance Foundation is uniquely positioned to address the negative effects of disempowering images of children of color through our programs, which enable underserved youth to explore how dance can transform their lives emotionally, socially, and physically.

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Our Programs

Our Programs

Scholarship Fund

The General Scholarship Fund is for young dancers in need to attend classes at Empower Dance Studio. Scholarships are applied to tuition, dance clothing, costume fees, and summer camps.  Applications are reviewed by Empower Dance Foundation's Board of Directors and Empower Staff and funding will be allocated to scholarship recipient.


Community Outreach

Community Empower Workshops. In partnership with local organizations we bring dance to the community. This will provide exposure to the various styles of dance classes including ballet, modern and jazz. Through these workshops we can help children develop emotionally, socially, and cognitively through dance.  These workshops are a way to engage audiences and provide access to the arts for those who would not otherwise have access. Workshops take place twice per month in the given timeline. At the locations of our partner sites; Durham Housing Project Sites and Boys & Girls Club. Funding for this project is used for program planning, staff, and instructors. 

Empowered to Succeed

Empowering the pursuit of the arts


E3 - Empower Engage Excite!

E3 - Empower Engage Excite! The Summer Enrichment Program is a 6 week program that provides 20-30 students with daily dance training as well as opportunities to tour museums and explore the rich cultural and civic activities throughout the City of Durham.  Daily lunch and snacks will be provided to further reduce family out of pocket expenses. This program is designed to engage students who participated in our Community Empower Series and Boys Dance Series to attend. This program will take place during the months of June-July 2024 at Empower Dance Studio. Funds will be used to develop this program; including marketing, recruitment, and instructor costs.



Boys Initiative

M-power aims to provide opportunities for boys to dance with the removal of the stigma of boys who dance. Classes are lead by an all male staff reflecting various genres and backgrounds. This program intends for young boys to discover the benefits of dance, to expose them to various dance styles, and to provide a safe space for conversation and empowerment. These specialized, all-boy classes are offered at no cost to encourage participation. 

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